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How do I contact a store manager?

If you would like to contact the manager of a store, click here to access our store directory where you will find the store address and telephone number for each store.

How do I contact the management team of White City retail park?

White City Retail Park is owned by The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation and managed by Workman LLP. If you would like to get in touch call +44 (0) 161 828 5777

How many car parking spaces do you have?

We have 658 free car parking spaces.

Do you have disabled parking facilities?

Yes. We have disabled parking bays at White City retail park.

Do you offer EV charging?

Ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging is now available at White City Retail Park. 10 bays of 150kW ultra-rapid charging, operated by Be.EV, is open for visitors with electric cars to use. Relax, eat and shop while your car charges, from 20 to 80 percent in as little as 20 minutes!

Sign up to become a Be.EV member and enjoy a 5p/kWh discount every time you charge. Click here to register

EV charging FAQs

Useful contacts & information:

24/7 Be.EV Support Helpdesk: 0800 917 3208
For customers experiencing any problems with charging, customers needing guidance to use the chargers, or to report any problems with Be.EV chargers.

Be.EV website: 

Be.EV Marketing Team:
Kerry-Rose O’Donnell, B2C Marketing Manager,
For anything relating to branding, events, giveaways, marketing activity 

Who are Be.EV?

Be.EV’s fast-growing electric vehicle charging network is powering easy and reliable charging experiences for everyone, across every community. 

Focused on local communities and backed by Octopus Energy Generation, Be.EV builds and maintains local, sustainable charging networks powered by 100% green energy. We use smart technology that takes the chore out of charging.

Clean, convenient and community led – that’s the Be.EV way.​

Why have Be.EV partnered with White City Retail Park to offer EV charging?

Be.EV is committed to making EV charging fully sustainable, community-led, fair and accessible to everyone. Our partnership with White City Retail Park forms an integral part of The Derwant Group’s wider sustainability mission.

Can anyone use Be.EV chargers at White City Retail Park or are they just for White City Retail Park customers?

Be.EV chargers at White City Retail Park are open to the public. You don’t have to be a customer to use them – but we do encourage you to pop instore to visit one of our great brands while your EV is charging! 

How much does it cost to charge at a Be.EV charger?

Our tariffs vary depending on the type of charger you’re using. Discounts are available for our members. Be.EV chargers at White City Retail Park are ultra-rapid. The rate for our ultra-rapid chargers is:

£0.82/kWh Pay As You Go (PAYG)

£0.77/kWh Be.EV member rate using Be.EV membership card or App

Please note that this pricing may change. You can find more information about our tariffs on our website: 

What payment methods are accepted at Be.EV chargers?

Customers can register as a Be.EV member and receive a Be.EV card, which they can tap before commencing a charge, to pay for their charging. On registering, a customer will link a bank account to their Be.EV account and any charging sessions are then paid for on a monthly basis, via Direct Debit (see selection below on how to join). 

We accept Direct Debit (for members), contactless, credit or debit cards, ApplePay, Android Pay and WebPay. You can also use our mobile apps to pay for your charging sessions, which you can download via Apple App Store® for iPhone or Google Play for Android.  

Be.EV is also part of the Octopus Electroverse, which allows EV drivers access to pay for over 430,000 charge points from a number of providers across the UK and EU, with one Electroverse card (Electrocard). More information on how to sign up can be found here: 

Can I get a discounted rate at a Be.EV charger?

Yes. By becoming a Be.EV member you can access preferential rates on charging at Be.EV chargers, including here at White City Retail Park. Simply sign up via our website or download the Be.EV app, register and pay using your physical Be.EV membership card (posted to you once you’ve registered with us), or using the Be.EV app. 

Customers won’t get a discount just by shopping at White City Retail Park, but we will explore some joint offers and promotions over time.

How can someone become a Be.EV member?

Anyone who drives an EV can become a Be.EV member. They can simply search for our app in the app store and register, or they can register online via our website: 

Be.EV members enjoy preferential charging rates at all Be.EV locations, along with access to member events, surveys and competitions. 

What speed are the Be.EV chargers at White City Retail Park?

Be.EV chargers at White City Retail Park are ultra-rapid. They can deliver up to 150kW of power to a car that’s charging. The amount of power your car receives while charging at a Be.EV ultra-rapid charger will depend on a few factors. 

Typically, most ‘affordable’ EVs can charge between 50kW and 100kW. In other words, your car will receive the maximum amount of power it can. 

The amount of power your car will draw from an ultra-rapid charger will also depend on how much charge your battery is already holding. As the battery becomes charged, the amount of power your car can receive decreases. When your car’s battery reaches 80%, the amount of power your car can draw from a charger declines significantly – which is why charging between 80-100% feels a lot slower! 

We recommend keeping your electric car running between 20% and 80% to maintain the health of its battery – and keep chargers available for those who need them. 

What is the difference between an ultra-rapid charger, a rapid charger, a fast charger and a home charger?

Slow charging

The majority of slow charging points are rated at 3.6kW and will recharge an electric car in eight to 12 hours. This makes them suited to overnight charging, or when you’re in the office for a full day of work. A home charger will be classed as ‘slow’. 

Fast charging

Fast chargers are the most common connectors in the UK, accounting for more than half of the charging network. The majority of fast chargers are rated at between 7kW and 22kW, and will deliver a full charge in one to six hours. 

Rapid charging

Rapid chargers will provide power between 43kW and 50kW and can deliver up to 80 percent charge in 40-60 minutes.

Ultra-rapid charging

An ultra-rapid charger delivers either 100kW, 150kW or 350kW. All Be.EV chargers at White City are ultra-rapid and will deliver up to 150kW of power. This means your car will charge a car to 80% battery in under 20 minutes. 

How long will it take to charge my car?

Be.EV ultra-rapid chargers at White City Retail Park are able to charge a typical EV from 10% to 80% in just under 20 minutes. 

Where can I find out about job opportunities at White City retail park?

Please contact each store directly.

I have lost something!

Please report any lost items to Workman LLP on +44 (0) 161 828 5777

Parking during event fixtures at Old Trafford

Parking is restricted to 90 minutes during match fixtures which is monitored by CCTV. Parking fines also apply.

A Smart Ticketing system is in operation using ANPR cameras situated in the car park to scan your number plate collecting data about the length of stay. The maximum stay is 3 hours which applies 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday. For more information please click here.

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